• Stops energy loss
  • Creates added comfort during the winter and summer
  • Healthier home - will not rot, decay or mildew and does not support fungus or mold growth
  • Protects the environment - comprised of approximately 85% recycled material



Baffles provide the proper air circulation that prevents moisture buildup and the mechanism for moisture to escape properly.

It's essential for every homeowner to be aware of the areas of heat loss in an attic in order to make a plan to insulate and air seal those key components for successful attic insulation.


Key Systems for Adequate

Attic Insulation

Knee Walls

Knee walls are the short walls that support the rafters of the roof.  Like any other wall in your home, an uninsulated knee walls allows air movement and heat loss requiring more energy to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

Bathroom Ventilation

A professionally installed bathroom ventilation system protects against moisture damage as well as energy loss.



The strategy of stopping heat loss via attic hatches is two-fold: air sealing to prevent air transported heat loss AND increasing the insulation.

Light Covers

Recessed lighting is a potential site of energy loss.  Properly installed light covers will seal energy loss.